ZK004| Stille Kempen (original) – Mike Tohr

04th mei
Stille Kempen - Mike Tohr ( Zwartkrijt 2014) - cover

ZK002 | White Dope & Black Dope (original) – Tim Overdijk

  White Dope & Black Dope is the second official release of...

22nd nov
black and white dope cover04

ZK003 | Dancetune (original) – Tim Overdijk featuring Beebee Freeman

    Inspired by their mutual desire to push boundaries Zwartkrijt’s 3rd...

17th nov
Dancetune  artwork cover release ZK003 Zwartkrijt Tim Overdijk and Beebee Freeman

ZK001 | Rollercoaster Paradise (original) – Tim Overdijk

    Zwartkrijt is proud in releasing her first EDM which is...

15th nov
Rollercoaster paradise cover1500x1500