Hoffmannstrasse is een Zwitsers duo welke is opgericht door DJ/Producer’s Chronophone and Laora Gems, een combinatie die werkt onder

Hoffmannstrasse general artwork zwartkriit resident

een vlag van liefde. Beiden gepassioneert volgers van psychedelische tonen is zelfs muzikaal surrealisme terug te herkennen in hun composities welke zij naar buiten brengen als Hoffmannstrasse, een muzikale ode aan het werk van Albert Hoffmann.



Hoffmannstrasse is a Swiss duo founded in 2014 by DJ/producer’s  Chronophone and Laora Gems, a combination working together under the banner of Love.
Both follower of psychedelic tones and even surrealist, they compose together under the name Hoffmannstrasse, in tribute to Albert Hoffman‘s works… performing international together on stage to share the crowd their surrealistic dance musical universe like minded the great master Salvador.

Sometimes western, sometimes indies, often spirituals, their musical sessions breath solos pieces and kinematic motion at the same time, with as common themes: the depth and love for rhythm and sound.
Hoffmannstrasse recordlabels , named the Soleluna Music group  consist of 3 music labels releasing on vinyl and digital: Hoffmannstrasse Records, Girlz one Wax, Chronophone Records where they surround themselfs with artists who have the same passion and mindset .



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