ZK009| The Mentalist – Chronophone

  When the heavens divided creativity it most have struck down on...

24th aug
ZK 009 Official Release
The Mentalist EP - Chronophone

ZK008|Pulsar – Slow Cosmos

Creative electronic (dance) music in high quality it’s the ethos of Dutch imprint Zwartkrijt . Adding to our tasteful international artist rooster is Ukraine producer Slow Cosmos, alias El Mariachi who always serves the best danceable blends of electronica, tech and nu –disco.

08th feb
ZK008- Pulsar Ep by Slow Cosmos

ZK007|Lumiya – Max Cole

With French romance captured in his unique musical fingerprint, giving a recognizable tone of art which can only be signed to one man alone, Zwartkrijt's prominent 7th release features the talented Belgian artist Max Cole.

17th apr
lumiya ep- max cole zwartkrijt 2016

ZK004| Stille Kempen – Mike Tohr

Zwartkrijt returns for their 4th release with the much anticipated Deephouse EP Stille Kempen by Belgium’s upcoming talent Mike Tohr.

04th mei
Stille Kempen - Mike Tohr ( Zwartkrijt 2014) - cover

ZK002|White Dope & Black Dope – Tim Overdijk

White Dope & Black Dope is the second official release of Zwartkrijt and features an exciting deephouse and techhouse track produced by Tim Overdijk. The deephouse introduction track White Dope showcases a warm melody with an ongoing beautiful flow while the techhouse track Black Dope gives that straight and pumping vibe with percussion's and uplifting grooves, ready for any celebration.

22nd nov
black and white dope cover04

ZK001|Rollercoaster Paradise – Tim Overdijk

Zwartkrijt is proud in releasing her debut which is produced by the label owner, Dutch DJ Timmy Overdijk. Rollercoaster Paradise is a maxi single containing 3 tech-house tracks including a feature with singer/songwriter BeeBee Freeman who brings some hot Brit pop vocals to the atmospheric track Never mind the late Nights. Both tracks Rollercoaster Paradise and Pinball Wizards present Tim's unique evolutionary vision of the immensely popular dancefloor genre Tech-house.

15th nov
Rollercoaster paradise cover1500x1500