ZK007|Lumiya – Max Cole

On 17 april 2016 by Zwartkrijt

lumiya ep- max cole zwartkrijt 2016


With French romance captured in his unique musical fingerprint, giving a recognizable tone of art which can only be signed to one man alone, Zwartkrijt’s prominent 7th release features the talented Belgian artist Max Cole.

This two track EP invites you to join Max’s unexpected imaginary world where he invites you to discover his personal view of art, love and sound. Starting off with a classical piano ballad in the electronic track ‘Lumiya’, Max tells a delightful story with never a dull moment to the mind and the ears, capturing the essence of life in this new self acclaimed electronic music renaissance.

The dreamy and compelling track ‘Calypso’, reveals yet another enchanting quality production of this wonderful artist, who is set out to conquer the world of sound. It holds just that perfect balance to embrace spring with a smile, joy and laughter.

Early support for this release from the dance industry is given by Klartraum, Horatio, Steve Parker, Oliver Weiter, Cristian Varela, Paco Osuna,Claudio Coccoluto, DJ Broadcast NL