ZK009| The Mentalist – Chronophone

On 24 augustus 2017 by Zwartkrijt
ZK 009 Official Release The Mentalist EP - Chronophone

ZK 009 Official Release
The Mentalist EP – Chronophone


When the heavens divided creativity it most have struck down on Desiree Chronophone Paris!
Djing since 1996 and playing throughout Europe for the last 2 decades, Stephane Joulin started his own productions in 2007 making a combination in Deephouse, DeepTech and Techsoul as the artist calls it himself. As the label owner and manager of the Sole Luna Music Group including Chronophone- and Hoffmannstrasse Records “Chronophone’ releases a wide diversity of dance music not only from himself but also of his duo act Hoffmannstrasse with Laora Gems and from talented artist around the globe.

His exquisite taste of playing and producing specific sounds has drawn wide attention worldwide even by the likes of Chez Damier, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson releasing on the cult Detroit recordlabel Transmat Records in 2012 and on KMS in 2013. It’s a pleasure for us to release these fine artworks for our 9th release on Zwartkrijt and adding Desiree Chronophone to our boutique catalog of artist.