ZK003|Dancetune – Tim Overdijk feat. Beebee Freeman

On 17 november 2013 by Zwartkrijt


Dancetune cover 2400x2400


Inspired by their mutual desire to push boundaries Zwartkrijt’s 3rd release brings another joint effort of Dutch producer Timmy Overdijk and pop-rock singer/songwriter Beebee Freeman showcasing the best of both sides.

The Dancetune release is an absolute pop – synth crowdpleaser were Beebee’s raw deep vocal’s reveal an unexpected glamour appropriate for the producers love for bittersweet compilations. Fans of Timmy’s music know describing his music is not an easy job. His artistic masterpieces are based on wonderful uncomplicated melodies with deep warm tech -elements, suitable for any DJset and making a hot entry.

Release date: 2013-11-17